Volunteer in Worship

Trinity offers a range of opportunities for volunteering in worship. Worship volunteers work in rotation on their assignments. To inquire about volunteer worship teams, please contact Trinity’s Rector, Luk De Volder. Here are examples of the many options available to you.


B2e Volunteer-LectorsYou read lessons and lead prayers of the people at worship services. After training, you can work into rotation for Sunday morning or 5:00 PM evening services. Reading scripture and leading prayers, you proclaim God’s good news and participate actively in worship. Training is conducted several times a year. For information, Contact Laura Davis or Ann Hoefer.


Children, B2e Worship-Acolytesyouth and adults alike are encouraged to serve as acolytes. As am acolyte, you assist clergy in celebrating God’s grace, and in creating a prayerful atmosphere. This leadership experience allows you to learn more about and fully appreciate liturgy. For information, contact Cris Sigovitch.

Acolytes take various roles during worship services, including:

  • Carrying banners, crosses, torches
  • Leading processions
  • Receiving offertory gifts
  • Serving at the altar during Eucharist
  • Assisting with communion.


B2e Volunteer-UshersIn this role, you welcome all who enter Trinity, guiding visitors and parishioners around the church before, during and after services. You hand out service bulletins, ensure that all find suitable seating, and help people feel comfortable in receiving communion. Training is scheduled as needed, For information, contact Head of Ushers Joe Dzeda.

Altar Guild

B2e Volunteer-Altar GuildThe altar is the heart of Trinity’s worship. The Altar Guild—a joyous and devoted team—cares for the altar and liturgical accoutrements, prepares the sanctuary for worship and arranges flowers for display on altars. Each month through the year, a different team works on Saturday mornings to prepare for Sunday workship. Team members split duties to cover different services on Sundays. Contact Jan Tredwell.