Choir Alumni/ae

When a boy’s voice breaks during adolescence, often he finds that his new range allows him to sing alto, and he may be invited to continue in the Men’s section of the Men and Boys Choir. Some even go on to become a tenor or bass in the choir. When it is time to leave the choir, whether after his time as a treble or later when he finishes high school and heads off to college or other pursuits, he becomes a choir alumnus. The choir director makes a point of keeping in touch with alumni via email, and welcomes visits at any time. Often alumni choose to return when there might be a concert, a visiting choir, or a returning former choirmaster or organ scholar presenting an organ recital at Trinity.

Because girls’ voices do not break, choir girls have the option of continuing in the choir until they finish high school. Often this means forgoing some other pursuits, but both choirs engender strong loyalty among their members.

The musical education that the choristers receive is first class. Many go on to musical careers. Others simply enjoy the fact that they are eminently well prepared to join a choir wherever life takes them. And they never forget their time at Trinity.