• Slider – Lenten sermon David Zhal

    David Zhal, Mockingbird Ministries
    Grace in the Digital Age
    9 am service, 10 am Sunday Forum, and 11 am service, Sunday March 8

  • Slider – Three Churches on Green 2007-04-01 Diana Beardsley

    Lent - the season of sacrifice and simplicity between Ash Wednesday and Easter

  • Slider – Great West Window at Trinity Chuch

    Lent 2015 starts with Ash Wednesday, February 18, with 2 services:
    12:10pm Eucharist Service with Ashes-to-Go afterwards
    7:30pm Ash Wednesday Evening Service

  • Easter Luke Preaching 2014

    To guide our Lenten faith renewal Trinity will run also this year a Lenten series with acclaimed speakers.

  • Slider – south galleries at dawn

    What is the future of Christianity in the age of "the spiritual but not religious"? How do we envision our faith serving our children in a time where faith faces so many changes?

  • Angel on Altar DianaBeardsley -2007

    Lenten presenters for the coming season:
    Mark Oppenheimer (New York Times, Yale)
    David Zahl (Mockingbird Ministries),
    Zack Nyein (Perichoresis)
    George Black (New Haven Youth Group)
    Celeste Mergens (Days for Girls)

  • Slider – Close up of Altar

    Lenten Traditions - Fasting, Discipline, Prayer, Service, and Intention

  • Slider – Perichoresis plain

    Perichoresis - a 6:11pm every-other-Monday service for the 30% of young Americans who work on Sunday

  • Slider – Art work summer 2014

    Lent - a voyage to the cross. Sculpture by Susan Clinard, Turbulent Waters Part 2

  • Slider – Ash Wednesay T.S. Eliot with Jesus on Cross Medellian

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