Trinity is an exceptionally beautiful and popular church at which to celebrate the covenant of marriage. The classic interior, the organ and our clergy create a marvelous atmosphere that is particularly suited to exchanging your vows of love.

Couples who are interested in organizing their wedding at Trinity are encouraged to contact the church well before the event to secure a date and time that works best for their wedding planning.

Marriage is an adventure of life and love. The covenant between two people is a holy union. Marriage forges a lasting and exclusive partnership with another person, Marriage at Trinity can increase your capacity to celebrate the joy of love of each other and the blessing of God’s love.

Making your vows before God and the community helps strengthen your relationship. Through your vows, you will learn more about the value of a lifelong commitment for your personal growth. When you marry, speaking your vows in the presence of our family and friends become stronger through their support.

Scheduling Weddings

Any couple wishing to celebrate their wedding at Trinity is welcome. Whether or not you are currently a member at Trinity, please contact us so that we can help you begin the process.

Weddings can be scheduled through the year, except during Holy Week, the week after Easter, the week before Christmas and on holidays.

Premarital counseling is required for all couples. Contact us at least six months in advance but not sooner than eighteen months before the intended date of the wedding.

Getting Started

To begin your wedding preparation, contact our parish secretary. Or, call (203) 624-3101.