Summer Planning Meetings

June 4, 2017

Trinity’s ministries are rich and thriving. We all are very grateful for so many blessings and service to share. To plan our upcoming year of ministry, all are invited to join the following planning meetings, especially if you are engaged in one of them particularly. The meetings will focus on the calendar of events and meetings, on the coordination of communication by ministry team, on feedback, and on outreach with the wider community. We have six ministry teams at Trinity:
1) Liturgy & Spirituality,
2) Music and the Arts [including Trinity Players and Poetry],
3) Care [including Pastoral Care, Homeboard, Holiday Bazaar, WednesdayClub..],
4) Christian Education,
5) Outreach, and
6) Building [Properties and History].

Meetings are set for the following dates in the Undercroft:

–Monday July 10, 5:30pm: Trinity Care, including Pastoral Care, Wednesday Club, Prayer Circle, Holiday Bazaar, Supper Club coordination.
–Friday July 14, 6:30pm: Music and the Arts, including Music Committee, Poetry coordinators, Trinity Players
–Monday August 14, 5:30pm: Outreach, including Chapel on the Green, Spiritual Fellowship, Community Works, Trinity Grants
–Sunday August 20, 11:30am: Christian Education, including Sunday School, Sunday Forum, Bible Study groups
–Monday August 28, 5:30pm: Trinity Building, including Sextons, Properties, History Ministry, Outside Flowers
–Monday September 11, 5:30pm: Liturgy and Spirituality, Liturgy Committee, Spirituality group, Acolytes, Lectors