Spiritual Wisdom

Spiritual WISDOM from Various Traditions


The word “Lent” comes from a Germanic
term for “ springtime,” the days when new life emerges from what has lain dormant all winter. It’s a most appropriate time for us as Christians to grow in our relationship with God. By tilling the soul of our faith and nurturing the seeds that have lain fallow in our hearts, God brings new life to birth in us. – Dan Schutte

At Trinity this Lent we will focus on the theme of “ Grace in Times of Darkness”
“Grace and Trauma.”

We all know the pain that life can bring.
But just as new life emerges from the coldness of winter, the grace of God’s light and love can support, sustain
and show us new life.

“ Lord be gracious to us; we long for you.
Be our strength every morning; our
comfort in the time of distress.”
Isaiah 33:2

A Centering Moment

Let us take in the light and see how we belong not to the darkness but
to the light.
Let us allow God to shine in our hearts
and assume our dignity.
Let us bask in the Grace of the
Light of God’s Love
and recognize how we are
Children of God.