National Episcopal Historians & Archivists

The National Episcopal Historians & Archivists (NEHA) website is at at The NEHA provides a forum for exchanging ideas, gives mutual support, and serves as an archival and historical network for any who preserve, explore and share the historical dimensions of the Episcopal Church. Begun as an outgrowth of the Church Historical Society in 1961, NEHA seeks to answer the needs of church officials and leaders who know attention should be given to nurturing congregational, diocesan, and institutional historians, registrars and archivists.
Trinity’s Stenciling Project receives Episcopal coverage nationally in the latest issue of The Historiographer, a publication of the National Episcopal Historians and Archivists (NEHA). Peg Chambers, who made the Stenciling Project happen, wrote the article. Click here to see this article by Peg Chamgers. For more information on The Historic Stenciling Project, see


Peg Chambers joins NEHA Board of Trustees

We are happy to announce that Trinity parishioner Peg Chambers, who also chairs Trinity’s History Ministry, has been appointed, as of December, 2015, to the Board of Trustees of the National Episcopal Historians & Archivists (NEHA).  Peg and our Rev. Rowena Kemp attended NEHA’s annual conference in Louisville last August, and Sarah Woodford, History Ministry’s Archives Team Leader, will be doing a presentation at this June’s NEHA Tri-History Conference in Green Bay, WI.  History Ministry thanks Trinity parishioner Richard Mammana for bringing the activities of NEHA to our History Ministry’s attention: Productive synergy is certainly resulting!