Illustrated Lectures by Peg Chambers, AIA

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trinity_church bus tour thumnailOut of Town with Ithiel Town – Bus Tour

In the fall of 2013, the History Ministry sponsored a bus tour of churches related to Ithiel Town’s design for Trinity on the Green.  It included a visit to Christ Church Cathedral, Hartford, Connecticut and St. Paul’s, Troy, New York.  We also visited the unfinished Albany Cathedral.

Conerstone PeopleMinistry Sunday Teaser

Condensed version of the Bus Tour shown at the History Ministry table in the fall of 2013 to entice parishioners to join the History Ministry.

Ithiel Town bust Trinity on the Green: A New Beginning

An overview of Trinity’s History before the Green and on the Green with an introduction to Ithiel Town’s relation to Hartford’s intellectual circle.

Trinity Church Doolittle 1817 thumbnailTrinity Church as Catalyst to America’s mid-19thc Gothic Revival

The last in a 2016 series of History Ministry Forum Presentations on the occasion of Trinity’s Bicentennial.