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Displays all parish events, holidays, meetings, rehearsals, etc., scheduled to take place in church or office spaces.

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Regular Hours

Homepage - Trinity Office on Chapel Street with red arrowTrinity is a busy church with many events; please consult the All Events calendar for events open to the general public, or the Worship page for regular or special services.

Our Parish Office is in a separate building directly across the south side entrance to the church at 950 Chapel Street: we are on the second floor. You enter using the door to left of the red arrow. Our church office hours are Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. save on public holidays and church holy days.

Our official “open to the public” church building hours this fall are as follows, with exceptions as needed, and by advance arrangement.

Sunday 7AM-3PM, but on Special Sundays 7AM-6PM
MondayClosed normally, but with access for planned meetings such as Vestry Meetings, Organ Class, etc.
Tuesday11AM-2:00PM, but 12PM-2:30PM for the Tuesday Group; 3:45PM-7:30PM choirs only; access for Special Events
Wednesday 11AM-2:00PM, but 9AM-12PM Wednesday Club; 4PM-8PM choirs only: access for Special Events
Thursday11AM-2:00PM , but 12PM-1PM for Al-Anon; 3:45PM-9PM choirs only
Friday11AM-2:00PM, but 3:30PM-8PM for choirs only
Saturday11AM-2:00PM, but 9AM-11AM Altar Guild; access for Special Events