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Trinity’s own Historical Society

The Trinity History Ministry was formed on December 5, 2011. Comprised of members of Trinity Church and interested people in the wider community of New Haven, Connecticut, it celebrates the role the church has played in the history of the parish, the City of New Haven, the state of Connecticut, and America.

You may contact the group at  history@trinitynewhaven.org.

Mission Statement

Trinity’s History Ministry seeks to honor and celebrate the history of the community, building, documents, art & artifacts of Trinity Episcopal Church on the Green in New Haven, CT. 

History - Croswell 1938 GravestoneAt a meeting of the society on April 2, 2012, it was decided to change the name to History Ministry @ Trinity Episcopal Church on the Green New Haven. The clean clear Celtic cross style logo for the society is taken from the design on the top of the September 1938 Monument marking the grave of Rev. Dr. Harry Croswell and his family in the Croswell plot at Grove Street Cemetery. It also has five crosses combined on one image, perhaps recalling in a different form  the Jerusalem cross intended to represent the five wounds of Christ. It may be less a modern take on a Celtic cross than an image of Croswell’s name: a cross plus a well. To above left is the tombstone of the Rev. Dr. Harry Croswell. Below right is an image taken from the bottom of the granite stone: it depicts the original impressive monument destroyed in the Hurricane of 1938. The parish replaced the stone with a simpler but hardier stone memorial. However, the committee to replace the stone or the carver got his birth date wrong: he was born in 1778, not 1779 as carved on the tombstone.

History - Close up Harry Croswell Tombestone image

In some sense, our Trinity New Haven Historical Society, like the 1938 committee parish members who funded a replacement of the beloved monument in granite, intend to preserve the past so that it will not be lost in a whirlwind, nor shall our counsel be dark without knowledge for the future.

Mission Statement

Trinity’s Historical Society seeks to honor and celebrate the history of the community, building, and documents of Trinity Episcopal Church on the Green in New Haven, CT.


Under the working name “Project Croswell”, a set of activities under the leadership of Rector Dr. Luk de Volder were launched in 2011 to highlight one of Trinity Church on the Greens great differentiating strengths: its History.

In addition to providing a web site with ever increasing content about the people, places, and times of the parish, it has three active committees.  Committee I will honor Trinity’s history, including celebrating its 200th anniversaries in 2014 (laying of the cornerstone) and 2016 (consecration of the church). Committee II will honor Trinity’s building as a historic landmark in the city of New Haven. Committee III will archive Trinity’s past through its documents.

Links and Resources

Trinity has historically had a close relationship with several organizations dedicated to the preservation of knowledge.

Other sites that hold resources for historical research include:

 Founding Trinity Historical Society Members in 2011

  • Nancy Ahlstrom
  • Al Atherton
  • Sheila Bonenberger
  • Peg Chambers
  • Ray Chappell
  • Carol Davidson
  • Rev. Dr. Luk De Volder
  • Duo Dickinson
  • Joe Dzeda
  • Aldy Edwards
  • Anna Foster
  • Helena Estes
  • Landa Freeman
  • Carl Geffken
  • Jeri Geffken
  • Carolyn Gould
  • Murray Harrison
  • Barbara Lamb
  • Richard J. Mammana, Jr
  • Doris Manseau
  • Neil Olsen
  • Robert Orr
  • Judith Schiff
  • Gaddis Smith
  • Patricia Thurston
  • Sally Vasey
  • Rich Walser