The men on the currency in the image above all visited Trinity Church; Trinity now returns the favor by sending them back out into the world.

As part of its outreach mission to the New Haven community, accepts outside requests for grants to its two independent non-profit corporations.

Trinity Church, an Episcopal parish organized in 1723, and part of the diocese of Connecticut.  Outreach grants authorized by the Trinity Church Vestry are taken from Trinity’s yearly budget and are offered through its Community Grants committee.

Trinity Home, a charity board founded in 1862 “for the purpose of establishing and maintaining in the city of New Haven, a refuge for the poor and friendless members of Trinity Parish, and such others as the Board of Managers may think are entitled to its benefits.”  Historically, its endowment has been used by the Trinity Home Board to support the elderly members of the parish with housing and food.

Grants are vetted by review committees. For more information click on the images below.