Grace Awakening 2

February 26, 2017

Why Grace Awakening you may ask? At Trinity our community is acutely in tune with the needs of our time. And it’s been a tough period for many people, with many still facing distrust and lost faith in institutions. So maybe it’s time to listen to each other, listen to our inner voices and remind each other of what is best in us, of our American values, our democratic ideals, and the joined Abrahamic roots we have in common in Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

Honoring and rediscovering the grace that is already among us will rekindle in us the power of a new beginning. We will find again a way to build community,  not built on some big idea or on a complicated 33-step program to happiness, but based on the simple practice of waking up to the beauty of grace present all around us, in all of us. Reminding each other of the gift of this world, of our bodies and souls, of our commonalities and differences we have the amazing potential of coming together in resolute hope and bathing in the Grace, regardless of our background or preferences.

It is this Grace Awakening that we would like to promote in this year’s season of Lent and Easter time at Trinity, as a community, with a series of speakers, times of prayer, and concrete opportunities for community engagement.

We indeed seek to support community leadership among us and to embolden each other to raise our prophetic voice in a time when our society again needs this, a voice to defend the oppressed, the refugee, people burdened by poverty or suffering from addiction. Through our community leadership each one of us can help to reconnect with a culture of healthy civic engagement and political dialogue. From the perspective of Grace Awakening this engagement is self-evident, a natural part of our calling to see and restore Grace in each other and ourselves.

And so we pray that Christ may guide our steps while we reach out to each other to awaken this power of Grace.