Facing the end of life or losing a loved one is one of the most challenging moments in our lives. As communities of faith we connect with each other especially during those difficult time to support each other in faith, to hold each other in prayer, especially when approaching the end of life or facing the pain of loss makes it complicate to pray.

At the center of our Christian faith stands the resurrection of Jesus Christ. With Christ, the risen Lord, we believe that nothing, neither death nor powers, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God (Romans 8).

The parish clergy is trained to assist you with your questions about facing the end of life or preparing for the funeral service of your loved one. The death of a parishioner should be reported to the parish office as soon as possible. The family should meet the parish clergy before any final plans are made.

To set a date and time for the service, please contact the parish office. Or call (203) 624-3101.

Types of Services

There are choices for services through which you can celebrate the life of your beloved.

  • A funeral service. During a funeral service all honor and pray for your dear one in the presence of the casket or urn. The remains of the deceased are present in the church during the service and prior to burial or interment.
  • A graveside service. A brief prayer service at the burial side usually follows a funeral directly, but can sometimes take place at a later time.
  • A Columbarium service. Ashes of the deceased may be interred in our church’s columbarium. Arrangements need to be discussed with the clergy and are usually made long in advance.
  • A memorial service. During a memorial service, all honor and pray for your dear one. Her or his remains are not present at the service.
  • Holy Eucharist. Both the funeral and memorial service can be celebrated with Eucharist. Combining a funeral or memorial service with Eucharist is a meaningful way to celebrate our lasting communion through Jesus Christ. Combining the service with communion is optional and not required.

Planning for the End of Life

Many people feel uneasy talking about, much less making, arrangements concerning their own deaths and funerals. However, planning for these things is a gift to our families and friends. It relieves them of uncertainty and confusion. Also, having the kind of service that you want is a statement about your values and beliefs. It begins to bring healing and hope to those who mourn.

Trinity on the Green offers help with planning these arrangements. Visit this page to find  a leaflet detailing related topics, as well as suggestions for hymns and readings to be included in a funeral service.