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Below is contact information you’ll need to reach Trinity offices, clergy and staff.  Click on this link for website Terms and Conditions.

Parish Office

(send all Trinity mail to this address)
950 Chapel Street, 2nd Floor
New Haven, CT 06510-2515
Main Tel: (203) 624-3101
Fax: (203) 624-2412
Email: Administrative Assistant

Church Building

(send all Trinity mail to Parish Office address)
230 Temple Street
New Haven, CT 06510
(corner Church and Temple Streets)
Sexton's office Tel: (203) 865-3930



The Rev. Dr. Luk De Volder
Tel: (203) 624-3101, ext. 222
Email: Rev. Dr. Luk De Volder
Biography of Rev. Luk De Volder

Director of Music:
Walden Moore
Tel: (203) 776-2616
Fax: (203) 777-9499
Email: Music

Associate Rector:
The Rev. Elise Ashley Hanley
Tel: (203) 624-3101 x223
Email: Rev. Elise Ashley Hanley
Biography of Rev. Elise Hanley

Music Program Manager:
Rachel Segger
Tel: (203) 776-2616
Email: Rachel Segger

Deacon for Urban Ministry:
The Rev. Kyle Pedersen
Tel: (203) 624-3101
Email: Rev. Kyle Pedersen
Senior Organ Scholar:
Jerrick Cavagnaro
Email: Jerrick Cavagnaro

Minister of Drama (non-stipendiary):
The Rev. Robert Sandine
Tel: (203) 624-3101
Email: Rev. Robert Sandine
Organ Scholar:
Carolyn Craig
Email: Carolyn Craig
Pastoral Associate for the Homeless:
The Rev. Dr. Charles C. Lemert
Email: Rev. Dr. Charles C. Lemert
Communications Manager:
Kyle Picha
Tel: (203) 624-3101
Email: Kyle Picha
Seminarian/YDS Intern:
Charlie Heeley
Email: Charlie Heeley
Justice Ministry Coordinator:
Heidi Thorsen Oxford
Tel: (203) 624-3101
Email: Heidi Thorsen Oxford
Seminarian/Coordinator for CYF:
Maddie Hill
Email: Maddie Hill
Business Manager:
Linda Becconsall
Tel1: (203) 624-3101 ext. 224
Tel2: (203) 776-2606
Email: Linda Becconsall
Outreach Minister
James Earl Thomas
Tel: (203) 624-3101
Associate for Pastoral Care:
Lilian Revel
Tel: (203) 858 1243
Email: Lilian Revel
Director of Development
Georgia Cosgrove
Tel: (203) 624-3101
Email: Georgia Cosgrove
Associate for Spiritual Care:
Barbara Gallagher Jarry
Email: Barbary G. Jarry


Head Sexton:
Jeff Perron
Tel: (203) 865-3930
Email: Jeff Perron

Ben Paquette
Boris Shpitalnik
Donna Szarmach
James Thomas
Tel: (203) 865-3930