Children in Services

The Men and Girls Choir at Trinity New HavenThere is a very strong trend dating from the introduction of the Boys Choir in the nineteenth century to involve children in the services, supplementing Sunday Schools and special events.

The Men and Boys Choir at Trinity New Haven

Children join the professional choirs of Men and Boys and Men and Girls, who sing at both the 9:00 and 11:00 services.

For more information about joining these life changing choirs, see Trinity’s Choir Academy.


There are acolyte programs at both the 9:00 and 11:00 services for boys, girls, young adults, and adults. Education - Vetran's day photo 10 2012



In addition, at the 9:00 “family service,” Children are invited to sit in the first few pews so they can see better, then come up to the front steps while a a member of the clergy gives a children’s homily.  The children also gather around the Communion Table as the priest consecrates the bread and the wine. This has made a huge difference in the way children view Trinity. They are engaged in the service that is going on around them.