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Worship Schedule

Worship - Empty Pulipit with choir behind from 2007 BeardsleyTrinity offers four or five services each Sunday. Its regular schedule runs from Sunday after Labor Day through Sunday preceding Memorial Day weekend. The summer schedule is in effect from Sunday of Memorial Day weekend through Sunday of Labor Day weekend.

Some Sundays contain special services or combined services. For exact times, preacher, lectionary date, and scripture readings, we strongly recommend you visit This Week’s Services.

The regular and summer schedules are given in the tables below.

Regular Schedule:Starts: Sunday after Labor Day weekend
7:45 a.m. Church Side AltarQuiet Eucharist: Be Still and Know that I Am

9:00 a.m. ChurchCreative Eucharist: Where two or three gather I am among them
11:00 a.m. ChurchHoly Eucharist or Morning Prayer: Glory to God and Peace on Earth
2:00 p.m. Chapel on the GreenCreative Worship: Whatever you did for one of the least you did for me
5:00 p.m. ChurchEvensong or Taizé Service: Be our light in the darkness, O Lord
Summer Schedule: Starts: Sunday of Memorial Day weekend
7:45 a.m. Church Side AltarQuite Eucharist: Be Still and Know that I Am
10:00 a.m. Church June and JulyHoly Eucharist: Glory to God and Peace on Earth
10:00 a.m. Church August thru mid-SeptCreative Eucharist: Where two or three gather I am among them
2:00 pm Chapel on the GreenCreative Worship Whatever you did for one of the least you did for me

Sunday and Weekday Services

At Trinity on the Green you may choose to celebrate your faith in Christ in many ways. You may prefer to celebrate enthusiastically. Or, to pray quietly. Or, to engage in a more solemn, majestic form of worship. Or, to sit in silent contemplation. Regardless, each form offered by Trinity is designed to aid you in your quest for meaning… to support you in prayer… and to help you be more fully aware of God’s call to you. (Please check This Week’s Services for current services and  times.)

7:45 AM. Quiet Eucharist. Be Still and Know that I Am. In the quiet of early morning, you can celebrate Holy Eucharist in our side chapel. You will engage in more traditional prayer (Rite One), listen to a short sermon, reflect in silent contemplation and close with a final hymn.
9 AM Sunday Creative Eucharist Thumbnail29:00 AM. Creative Eucharist. Where two or three gather, I am among them. In breaking bread and drinking wine with others, you will celebrate the presence of Jesus and reflect on how you can recognize and serve Christ through serving others. Employing more contemporary prayers (Rite Two) and music, this service also features both a children’s message and a sermon.
11:00 AM. Holy Eucharist. Glory to God and Peace on Earth. In this service, you will celebrate God’s majesty and express your praise through the beauty of our longstanding tradition of hymns, anthems, prayers and rituals. Glorious music is a focal point of this service, led by the Choir of Men and Boys, Choir of Men and Girls or Trinity Parish Choir. Using the solemn language of the Book of Common Prayer (Rite One), the priest celebrates the Eucharist from the high altar.
11:00 AM. Morning Prayer. Let us heartily rejoice in the strength of our salvation. Alternate Sundays each month, September through May. This form of worship has been in continual use at Trinity since the church’s 18th-century founding. Supported by the exquisite singing of Trinity choirs, you will engage responsively in spoken and sung prayer, reflect on the sermon offered by the priest and engage in robust singing of hymns with the choir and congregation. If you choose, you can attend a short communion service after Morning Prayer concludes.
2:00 PM. Chapel on the Green. Whatever you did for one of the least you did for me. 
In November of 2008, Trinity launched an outdoor service on the Upper Green behind Trinity. This service takes place in all weather conditions, 52 Sundays a year, reaching out to many in the community who might otherwise not experience worship. You will participate in a brief, 30-minute informal service of Holy Eucharist followed by a shared lunch.
5:00 PM. Evensong. Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness. Once a month, September through May, one of the Trinity Choirs sings evensong.
Since the late middle ages, “Evensong” has been the popular name for vespers, the Evening Office of the western church. This beautiful choral service uses the traditional language of Rite One and is generally meditative and contemplative in nature. As a member of the congregation you will also engage responsively in prayer, spoken and sung.
5:00 PM. Taizé. God’s word is a lamp to my feet and a light upon my path. Once a month, September through May, Trinity also celebrates evening prayer in the tradition of Taizé, sung by the choir of Men and Girls. Taizé music—named for the town in France where an ecumenical community started in 1940—is enchantingly prayerful and creates a nourishing faith environment for your personal connection with Christ. If you choose, you may engage responsively with the choir and other members of the congregation—or simply sit in quiet contemplation.
12:00 PM. Tuesday, Spiritual Fellowship Service Led by James Thomas, Outreach Minister, this short services address the growing need of ministry to people struggling with addiction. Held in the Trinity church undercroft.
12:10 PM. Wednesday Noon Service. Our short midweek communion service provides you the opportunity to pause for prayer during the busyness of the week. In this simple service you can take a step back from the daily rush, share in prayer with others, and ponder everyday questions about faith and life.

Recent Sermons

Here you will find sermons given recently at Trinity, as well as a several-year archive of sermons offered by various preachers.

Volunteer in Worship

Trinity offers a range of opportunities for volunteering in worship. Worship volunteers work in rotation on their assignments. To inquire about volunteer worship teams, please contact Trinity’s Rector, Luk De Volder. Here are examples of the many options available to you.


B2e Volunteer-LectorsYou read lessons and lead prayers of the people at worship services. After training, you can work into rotation for Sunday morning or 5:00 PM evening services. Reading scripture and leading prayers, you proclaim God’s good news and participate actively in worship. Training is conducted several times a year. For information, Contact Laura Davis or Ann Hoefer.


Children, B2e Worship-Acolytesyouth and adults alike are encouraged to serve as acolytes. As am acolyte, you assist clergy in celebrating God’s grace, and in creating a prayerful atmosphere. This leadership experience allows you to learn more about and fully appreciate liturgy. For information, contact Cris Sigovitch.

Acolytes take various roles during worship services, including:

  • Carrying banners, crosses, torches
  • Leading processions
  • Receiving offertory gifts
  • Serving at the altar during Eucharist
  • Assisting with communion.


B2e Volunteer-UshersIn this role, you welcome all who enter Trinity, guiding visitors and parishioners around the church before, during and after services. You hand out service bulletins, ensure that all find suitable seating, and help people feel comfortable in receiving communion. Training is scheduled as needed, For information, contact Head of Ushers Joe Dzeda.

Altar Guild

B2e Volunteer-Altar GuildThe altar is the heart of Trinity’s worship. The Altar Guild—a joyous and devoted team—cares for the altar and liturgical accoutrements, prepares the sanctuary for worship and arranges flowers for display on altars. Each month through the year, a different team works on Saturday mornings to prepare for Sunday workship. Team members split duties to cover different services on Sundays. Contact Jan Tredwell.

How Trinity Worships

Sunday is traditionally the day when Trinity gathers for worship. At the various services offered each Sunday, you’ll encounter many different styles of worship, from formal rites with lots of singing of hymns, music and ritual to informal and relaxed services with more contemporary music.

Regardless of individuals’ church affiliations, Trinity encourages all to join in worship at any service. No matter who you are, how you’re dressed, or what your station in life, you’ll find others like yourself at each service and will feel welcomed and accepted as a participant.

Liturgy and Ritual

Trinity is a “liturgical” church; the structure of service forms and prayer from texts do not change greatly from week to week during the various seasons of the church year. Continuity gives worship a rhythm that becomes comforting and familiar to worshipers.

All services at Trinity are based on the Book of Common Prayer (BCP)—in use at all Episcopal Churches in the B2f-BCPUnited States as well as in various forms within the worldwide Anglican Communion. The BCP’s structure gives worship a familiar feel, no matter which service you attend.

  • Each week Trinity offers Holy Eucharist, also known as the Lord’s Supper, Holy Communion or Mass.
  • At least twice a month, Trinity also offers Morning Prayer, a traditional form of worship that dates back to the earliest days of the Anglican church.
  • Monthly during the regular church year (mid-September through May), Trinity offers afternoon services—either Evensong or the Taizé form of worship.

Holy Eucharist

Holy Eucharist always has the same components and shape.

  • Open with prayer
  • Read from the Bible
  • Affirm faith by reciting the Nicene Creed
  • Offer prayers of the people—for the Church, the world, for those in need, for the sick; thank God for all the good things in life; pray for all who have died
  • Greet one another with a sign of “peace”
  • Celebrate the Eucharist by taking, blessing, breaking and sharing the Gifts of God
  • Dismiss into the world to serve Christ.

What do Episcopalians believe about the Holy Eucharist?

B2f-CommunionAt the Last Supper, Christ shared bread and wine at a sacred meal with his disciples. He identified the bread with his body and the wine with his blood of the new covenant. Jesus commanded his disciples to “do this” in remembrance of him.

The Episcopal Church holds that Christ’s body and blood are really present in the sacrament of the Eucharist. Episcopalians do not define how Christ is present. They accept that He is, as part of the mystery of faith.

Who can receive communion?

At Trinity, we know that it is Christ who extends the invitation to his meal. Therefore, ALL are welcome to receive Holy Eucharist here, no matter what your church affiliation or where you are in your faith journey.

Morning Prayer

At the 11:00 am service (10:00 am during the summer), usually on two Sundays per month, Trinity celebrate Morning Prayer. Trinity has chosen to maintain the tradition of Morning Prayer as one of its service offerings. Trinity choirs help embellish this beautiful Anglican tradition.

Evensong / Taizé

Since the late midB2f-Men and Boysdle ages, “Evensong” has been the popular name for vespers (from the Latin vesperis, “evening”), the Evening Office of the western church. This service is generally more meditative and contemplative in nature. Evensong is sung monthly, usually by Trinity’s Choir of Men and Boys or the Choir of Men and Girls, throughout the regular year—mid-September through May.

On other Sunday evenings through the regular year Trinity offers Taizé (pronounced B2f-Men and GirlsTeh-ZAY) worship—an ecumenical, peaceful way to pray, using (easy to learn) musical chants, silent meditation, and scripture readings. Typically sung by Trinity’s Choir of Men and Girls, the service includes candlelight, prayers, readings, silence, and soft music with repetitive words. The service offers a meaningful and focused way for you to center on the Lord.

Conference Call

Trinity offers a conference call to our homebound parishioners.  This is a service unique to Trinity, and is very much appreciated.  Each Sunday, between 10 and 20 people call in to hear the mid-morning services. We need operators to set up the phones; training will be provided.

If you wish to volunteer, contact George Gillin.

To used the conference call Sundays, dial (877) 594-8353 and follow the prompts. When asked, the code number is 45742557#.


Being in a church is about building relationships. Trinity’s many organizations help to make our church a truly vibrant community.

Trinity’s lively and active parish community is led by volunteers who engage with each other through numerous committees, ministries and interest groups. Here are key contacts to guide your search for activities of interest to you.

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See and Hear Trinity!

Trinity has a strong media presence on social media, including over two dozen videos on YouTube, hundreds of photos on Facebook, and various videos and music recordings over the years on associated web sites.  For more original content  videos, photos, and documentaries, see:

Visit us on FacebookVisit us on Google PhotosVisit us on YouTubeVisit us on Twitter

Interview with Rector Luk de Volder

Luk explains the reasons why he and his family moved to New Haven.

Google see inside – on three levels

Visit Trinity on the Green’s interior using the interactive technology of Google Map’s “See inside” on the bright November 2013 opening day of Trinity’s famous Holiday Bazaar.  Three levels of the historic 1814-1816 building may be visited: the Undercroft (the B button), the Nave (1 button), and the Galleries (2 buttons).  The amazing interactive “See inside” was photographed and created by Tony Bacewicz, an experienced professional photographer with video production, writing and reporting skills based in Old Saybrook, Connecticut.

STHT - Open door to Trinity Chuch

Nave Panorama

Click on the image below for a panoramic view of Trinity  (it may require a plugin for some browsers). Seth Thompson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Art and Design at the American University of Sharjah in the UAE.  He is “a media artist and writer involved in documenting and interpreting art, design and culture through print and online presentations. His research interests and practice primarily focuses on the interpretation and representation of visual culture and heritage using panoramic imaging and interactive media design.”  His  Sacred Spaces of New England online project features religious and secular places that elicit contemplation, reflection and inspiration.

STHR - Paranama by Seth Thompson Feb 28 2013

The Unseen Becoming Seen: What Sweeter Music

Perhaps the most beautiful time at Trinity is dawn. These jewel-like images, taken by Trinity photographer Joe Dzeda as the dawn rises in the Gothic Church, are set to Trinity’s famous Choir of Men and Boys singing John Rutter’s What Sweeter Music in a video composed by Neil Olsen.

In My Father’s House: What Wondrous Love Is This

Trinity’s Columbarium, a repository for the ashes of the dead, is unusual in many ways – it is beautiful, it is used for healing services, and it is in the nave instead of hidden away. The video is accompanied by the music of Trinity’s Choir of Men and Girls, directed by Walden Moore, singing a capella Christiansen’s What Wondrous Love is This, in a video composed by Neil Olsen, to photographs by Peg Chambers and Neil Olsen.

Trinity Secret Spaces

Come take a walk through the oldest Gothic Revival church in North America, up the bell tower,  and onto the roof for a view of New Haven, Connecticut, that you will never see elsewhere, all set to the sound of the magnificent Aeolean-Skinner organ with photographs by Joe Dzeda.

The Choir of Men and Boys of Trinity Church on the Green, New Haven

Johannes Eccard (1553-1611), “Presentation of Christ in the Temple,” sung by the Trinity Choir of Men and Boys, directed by Walden Moore, Trinity Church on the Green, New Haven, Connecticut, February 2, 2014

Home Board on the Harbor – the Seniors of Trinity

This video is of a 2012 seniors excursion on the Quinnipiack Schooner “There and Back Again.” The Trinity Church Home Board grew out of the Trinity Church Home Association, incorporated by the Connecticut General Assembly in 1862; “created for the purpose of establishing and maintaining in the city of New Haven, refuge for the poor and friendless members of Trinity Parish, and such others as the board of managers may think entitled to its benefits.”  The music is by Trinity’s Spirit Singers, in a video composed by Neil Olsen with photographs by Ruth Risberg.

The Experience: All the Way to Chapel on the Green

Volunteers from Saint Peter’s, Cheshire, CT , came to New Haven to worship and share a meal with the homeless. Ana Arellano arranged the photos by Mallory Naylor and John Andrews perfectly to capture the experience.