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Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen (DESK)

Trinity volunteers are active at two soup kitchens in New Haven,  Columbus House and the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen (DESK).  Each provides sustenance, comfort and fellowship to those in need who otherwise have little means of fending for themselves. Trinity volunteers choose and work assigned shifts once a month or more frequently — a few hours in early evening each time.

The Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen’s programs serve a diverse community of New-Haven-area at-risk individuals, families and children who are “food insecure.” These programs for many are satisfying the basic day-after-day need for nourishing food.

DESK serves dinner every evening of the week. Trinity participates the second Tuesday each month from 5:15 to 6:30 PM at the Center Church Parish House, 311 Temple Street. If you want to help, contact Chuck Kaywood.


Columbus House

Trinity volunteers are active at two soup kitchens in New Haven,  Columbus House and the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen (DESK). Each provides sustenance, comfort and fellowship to those in need who otherwise have little means of fending for themselves. Trinity volunteers choose and work assigned shifts once a month or more frequently—a few hours in early evening each time.
Since 1982, Columbus House, along with its core of loyal supporters, friends and volunteers has remained committed to fulfilling its mission: “To serve people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, by providing shelter and by fostering their personal growth and independence.”

Last year over 100,000 meals were served to over 4,000 people. Each year, Columbus House is able to help many chronically homeless adults break the cycle and overcome their addictions, obtain mental health treatment and find housing. Our success is attributable to a wonderful staff of over 85 people, all of whom are compassionate and who are credentialed and certified as necessary.

Every third Tuesday of the month, Trinity sends volunteers to work in the Soup Kitchen.  If you want to help, contact Warner Marshall.

Outrach - Columbus House volenteers March 15 - 2016


Abraham’s Tent

New Haven homeless shelters do not have the capacity to admit everyone seeking shelter. Every winter, even with shelters taking in more clients than normal capacity allows, men are still turned away.

Trinity Episcopal Church and group of 15 churches and synagogues in New Haven and the suburbs decided to address this problem through a program called Abraham’s Tent. Congregations volunteer to provide meals and overnight shelter to 12 homeless men from Columbus House for the duration of their week – alleviating overcrowding in the shelters and demonstrating support for the homeless members of our communities.

Community Grants

Through the generosity of prior generations and current parishioners, and based on Trinity’s Mission Statement, the Commission to the Trinity Grants Committee (TGC) is to:

“Respond to God’s grace through effective stewardship of financial support grants for human service programs that provide for spiritual and earthly needs with particular focus to address issues of health, hunger, shelter, and education.”

Grant Application Requirements:

NOTE: Applications for “major grants” (grants over of $3000 or more) have been suspended at this time.

Organizations must meet ALL the following criteria:

  • Be a non-profit with 501 (c) (3) status;
  • Provide services in any of the 4 core service areas identified in the Trinity Grants Committee’s Mission Statement;
  • Have a Certificate of Good Standing with CT Department of Revenue Services and Secretary of State.
  • Cannot be a recipient of any other TGC, Trinity Home Board, or other Trinity granting body award during the fiscal year for which they are applying.

Grant Application Procedures:
NOTE: All forms should be mailed to:

Trinity Parish OfficeView Post
c/o Chair of Grants Committee
950 Chapel Street, 2nd Floor
New Haven, CT 06510-2515

Email: Liz Dickinson

The following forms are to be submitted by an applicant for a Trinity Grant:

  1. “Letter of Interest” is suggested, but not mandatory, and is intended to provide a brief description of the applicant’s mission. This is needed to confirm that the use of the grant funds is consistent with the TGC Mission Statement that states…”grants for human service programs that provide for spiritual and earthly needs with particular focus to address issues of health, hunger, shelter, and education.” The Letter of Interest may be submitted by the applicant prior to submission of their formal grant application.
  2. Form 3B “Grant Application Form” provides the essential information from the applicant, and is self-explanatory. This form is mandatory for all grant applications to receive processing. PLEASE NOTE: Application deadline in 2019 is June 10, not April 30 as stated in the form.
  3. Form 3C consisting of 4 pages dealing with “Guidelines and Checklists for Site Visits from members of the TGC. This form is mandatory for all “rnajor grants”, and is intended as a useful reference for conventional grants.
  4. June 10, 2019 is this year’s deadline for receipt of Grant Applications. Applications received by that date will be reviewed by the TGC and any Notices of Grant Award will be issued by the end of October.


Being in a church is about building relationships. Trinity’s many organizations help to make our church a truly vibrant community.

Trinity’s lively and active parish community is led by volunteers who engage with each other through numerous committees, ministries and interest groups. Here are key contacts to guide your search for activities of interest to you.

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See and Hear Trinity!

Trinity has a strong media presence on social media, including over two dozen videos on YouTube, hundreds of photos on Facebook, and various videos and music recordings over the years on associated web sites.  For more original content  videos, photos, and documentaries, see:

Visit us on FacebookVisit us on Google PhotosVisit us on YouTubeVisit us on Twitter

Interview with Rector Luk de Volder

Luk explains the reasons why he and his family moved to New Haven.

Google see inside – on three levels

Visit Trinity on the Green’s interior using the interactive technology of Google Map’s “See inside” on the bright November 2013 opening day of Trinity’s famous Holiday Bazaar.  Three levels of the historic 1814-1816 building may be visited: the Undercroft (the B button), the Nave (1 button), and the Galleries (2 buttons).  The amazing interactive “See inside” was photographed and created by Tony Bacewicz, an experienced professional photographer with video production, writing and reporting skills based in Old Saybrook, Connecticut.

STHT - Open door to Trinity Chuch

Nave Panorama

Click on the image below for a panoramic view of Trinity  (it may require a plugin for some browsers). Seth Thompson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Art and Design at the American University of Sharjah in the UAE.  He is “a media artist and writer involved in documenting and interpreting art, design and culture through print and online presentations. His research interests and practice primarily focuses on the interpretation and representation of visual culture and heritage using panoramic imaging and interactive media design.”  His  Sacred Spaces of New England online project features religious and secular places that elicit contemplation, reflection and inspiration.

STHR - Paranama by Seth Thompson Feb 28 2013

The Unseen Becoming Seen: What Sweeter Music

Perhaps the most beautiful time at Trinity is dawn. These jewel-like images, taken by Trinity photographer Joe Dzeda as the dawn rises in the Gothic Church, are set to Trinity’s famous Choir of Men and Boys singing John Rutter’s What Sweeter Music in a video composed by Neil Olsen.

In My Father’s House: What Wondrous Love Is This

Trinity’s Columbarium, a repository for the ashes of the dead, is unusual in many ways – it is beautiful, it is used for healing services, and it is in the nave instead of hidden away. The video is accompanied by the music of Trinity’s Choir of Men and Girls, directed by Walden Moore, singing a capella Christiansen’s What Wondrous Love is This, in a video composed by Neil Olsen, to photographs by Peg Chambers and Neil Olsen.

Trinity Secret Spaces

Come take a walk through the oldest Gothic Revival church in North America, up the bell tower,  and onto the roof for a view of New Haven, Connecticut, that you will never see elsewhere, all set to the sound of the magnificent Aeolean-Skinner organ with photographs by Joe Dzeda.

The Choir of Men and Boys of Trinity Church on the Green, New Haven

Johannes Eccard (1553-1611), “Presentation of Christ in the Temple,” sung by the Trinity Choir of Men and Boys, directed by Walden Moore, Trinity Church on the Green, New Haven, Connecticut, February 2, 2014

Home Board on the Harbor – the Seniors of Trinity

This video is of a 2012 seniors excursion on the Quinnipiack Schooner “There and Back Again.” The Trinity Church Home Board grew out of the Trinity Church Home Association, incorporated by the Connecticut General Assembly in 1862; “created for the purpose of establishing and maintaining in the city of New Haven, refuge for the poor and friendless members of Trinity Parish, and such others as the board of managers may think entitled to its benefits.”  The music is by Trinity’s Spirit Singers, in a video composed by Neil Olsen with photographs by Ruth Risberg.

The Experience: All the Way to Chapel on the Green

Volunteers from Saint Peter’s, Cheshire, CT , came to New Haven to worship and share a meal with the homeless. Ana Arellano arranged the photos by Mallory Naylor and John Andrews perfectly to capture the experience.