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Choir Activity

The Chorister Academy is supported by funds from the parishioners of Trinity Church, and by fundraising events run by parents of choir boys and choir girls. Both choirs are planning performance trips to Europe in the coming years and depend on raising funds to underwrite tour expenses incurred.

Examples of fundraising activities: fruit sales, sales of Stop & Shop gift cards, and sales of advertising space in the program book printed for each concert. You may make your donation directly to the Choir Activity fund by clicking the Donate Now! button below. You may also choose to support the choirs by purchasing items from the sources detailed below


ora labora smallMy Locker Spirit Wear Fundraiser

Support the Men & Boys and Men & Girls Choirs! Go to the site to design and purchase items such as pullover hoodies with choir insignia. Alumni are also welcome to order items.



Lands End Lands’ End Choir Uniforms

Go to the site for Men & Boys and Men & Girls Choirs to obtain items that show your appreciation of current choir members. Choir alumni/ae are also welcome to purchase items that demonstrate their support..



 Tommy Hilfiger Choir Uniforms

Go to the site for Men & Boys and Men & Girls Choir items for current choir members and alumni/ae. Enter code TRIN07.


Book Available

Music on the Green, written by well-known historian (and New Haven native) Barbara Owen, details the long and rich history of Trinity’s music program, from 1752 until the present time. This fascinating softbound book of 100 pages covers Trinity’s choirs, choirmasters, organs, and even the church bells in both words and pictures. It can be ordered through the Organ Historical Society by clicking here.


Chorister Academy Committee

The Chorister Academy is overseen by the rector of Trinity Church and by the Chorister Academy Committee, comprising members of the parish with a particular interest in music education.

The Committee follows:

Listing to come.


Because the choirs have been active for some time, there is a multitude of alumni and alumnae out in the world who have gone on to different careers, frequently in music. These former choir members are welcomed back to Trinity and opportunities for them to participate in a service or concert are provided whenever possible.

Alums! We would love to hear from you with your updated contact information so we can keep you informed about various choir activities and events. If you wish, we’d also love to post your news and/or photos here on this alumni/ae page (what you are up to this year, your family news, and any memories of your choir years). Please contact the Music Office , or send mail to the parish office at 950 Chapel Street, 2nd Floor, New Haven, CT 06510-2515.

Learning and Rehearsing

Boys Rehearsing for the Hamden Hall Middle School Assembly, 2013

Boys and girls meet separately on different weekday afternoons after school hours to work on music notation, sight reading, dynamics, etc. and to prepare music for upcoming services and concerts.

The Girls Choir meets on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and are joined by the adult singers for the last part of the Thursday rehearsal.

The Boys Choir meets on Wednesday and Friday afternoons, and are joined by the adult singers part way through the Wednesday rehearsal.

Both choirs arrive around one hour before any scheduled service in which they will be singing.

Music_2009-05-09 19-30-26_MB Choir_Diana Beardsley - 0040

Boys Preparing for a Concert

Music_Girls at Choir Camp - August 2013

Girls Relaxing after Choir Practice

Parents and Families

Family members are welcomed at the Chorister Academy. Parents have important roles to play. They are responsible for their child’s regular attendance and share in car-pooling and chaperoning during concert appearances away from the church. In addition, each choir eats together weekly and parents prepare and serve food according to a rota.

From time to time choir families are invited to participate in scheduled activities, and of course are welcome to attend all services and concerts, although they may not be Episcopalians. In fact, many choir members have come from Jewish or Catholic faith communities, other Protestant denominations, or no religion.

Choir Life

While the boys and girls of the choirs spend a great deal of their time in musical pursuits, they have fun too. Every summer each choir goes to camp at Incarnation Center in Ivoryton, Connecticut. This is a wonderful opportunity for the choristers to get to know each other better and to help young novice singers feel included. Music, swimming and water sports, games, stories, camp fires, and a picnic when their families come to pick them up at the end of the week. There are also trips to other cities (even Washington, DC, to sing at the White House), participation in events with other choirs, and trips abroad to sing in European cathedrals and other venues.

Getting Ready for the Zipline at Choir Camp, 2014 Getting Ready for the Zipline at Choir Camp, 2014

Trinity Boys Choir Visit to the UK Trinity Boys Choir Visit to the UK


Music Staff and Chaperones at Choir Camp Music Staff and Chaperones at Choir Camp

The choirs have made several recordings over the years and much of their music is now on YouTube. Christmas music, secular music, traditional church music, gospel music, all kinds. Learn about the life of the choristers as they work and play. Listen, watch, and enjoy!

Take a few minutes to watch this video, which describes the life of both the Boys and Girls choirs. You’ll be glad you did!

More videos of the choirs in performance are at YouTube Trinity Church on the Green, New Haven You may also want to search YouTube using the terms “Trinity Choir of Men and Boys New Haven”, “Trinity Choir of Men and Girls New Haven” or “Trinity on the Green New Haven”.




Choir Alumni/ae

When a boy’s voice breaks during adolescence, often he finds that his new range allows him to sing alto, and he may be invited to continue in the Men’s section of the Men and Boys Choir. Some even go on to become a tenor or bass in the choir. When it is time to leave the choir, whether after his time as a treble or later when he finishes high school and heads off to college or other pursuits, he becomes a choir alumnus. The choir director makes a point of keeping in touch with alumni via email, and welcomes visits at any time. Often alumni choose to return when there might be a concert, a visiting choir, or a returning former choirmaster or organ scholar presenting an organ recital at Trinity.

Because girls’ voices do not break, choir girls have the option of continuing in the choir until they finish high school. Often this means forgoing some other pursuits, but both choirs engender strong loyalty among their members.

The musical education that the choristers receive is first class. Many go on to musical careers. Others simply enjoy the fact that they are eminently well prepared to join a choir wherever life takes them. And they never forget their time at Trinity.


Trinity was founded as a parish in 1723.  Its first wooden church was built in 1752–53. The second Gothic stone church, built in 1814–1816—with its carefully maintained and inspiring Gothic revival exterior and interior—is a landmark structure on the New Haven Green at the corner of Temple and Chapel Streets.

Trinity offers compelling preaching, diverse worship styles, and absorbing programs for adults, teens, and younger children.

Trinity’s multiple opportunities for fellowship and outreach are typified by its Chapel on The Green, a weekly Sunday afternoon outdoor service of worship, food and fellowship, open year-round to all and conducted in collaboration with other New Haven area churches.

The church’s strong music program is centered in its choirs: the Choir of Men and Boys, founded 1885 and one of only two such choirs in Connecticut; the Choir of Men and Girls, founded in 2003; and the Trinity Parish Choir, a mixed adult choir that sings a variety of sacred choral pieces.


LIfe at Trinity

As we pray, sing, serve others and learn together, we discover more about who God is in our lives. We realize our lives are intertwined with one another and that God is calling us to do something for the world in which we live.

Currently, hundreds of people pass through Trinity’s doors during an average week. We are usually bustling with activities; whether it is one of our three choirs practicing, committees meeting, or a social event, there is always something going on at Trinity.

We invite you to be part of our life together. At Trinity, there are many opportunities for involving yourself, for serving others and for growing in your spiritual journey.

Trinity people take adult and youth mission trips all over the country and beyond its borders. Locally, Trinity people help many important organizations carry out their missions: preparing meals for Columbus House, building homes for Habitat for Humanity, and finding numerous other opportunities to serve God in the world.

Trinity offers many educational activities and programs for children and adults. Each winter and spring, we offer different spirituality programs. On most Sundays, we offer exciting Sunday School classes for children and engaging forum topics for adults. We have two active and vibrant groups for school-aged youth.

As the largest Episcopal church in New Haven, we are fortunate to have many active programs and opportunities to see God at work in the world.