Blogger Questions

August 2, 2015

As I have mentioned previously, every morning I read a number of blogs from colleagues and friends across the church.  Today I was struck by five questions posed by the blogger on the RevGal Blog.
These questions, though simple, tugged at my inner core and challenged me to go just a little deeper.  They challenged me to reflect on my joys, my disappointments, my sorrows, my longings….the things that make me alive and human in community!  How do they resonate with you?  Do they challenge you to seek a deeper relationship with Christ or your neighbor?  Share your thoughts with me on Sunday or by email, if you wish.

Here are the questions:

 What is one thing bringing you joy today?

What is a disappointment you are experiencing today?

When you think about the past six months, when did your soul feel most awake?

When did you experience a sorrow or regret?

For what is your soul most longing?