Bible Study

The Eagle lectern at Trinity Church holds a bible on its outstretched wings. The eagle is the symbol of John the Apostle.  It is also that the Eagle was the birtd that flew highest in the sky and was therefore closest to heaven, and symbolized the carrying of the word of God to the four corners of the world.

Education - Bible study at House Chuch 2014Taking our daily life as the starting point for a Bible study can help us discover how the books of the Bible are bringing answers for us today. Questions from family life, politics, or business, they all have a place in our faith life.

Bible study at Trinity is offered in many forms.  There are clergy-led study groups  and laity led groups.  Some are targeted towards young adults, some meet in an early morning group, some are for the laity in general meeting after church, and there are also laity-led evening groups (house churches).

Education - Men's bible study group by Joe Dzeda 2014The Men’s Bible Study and Reflection group gathers at 7 AM Friday mornings in Trinity’s Upper Room. The hour-long spontaneous discussion surrounds the reading of the Gospel passage for the coming Sunday. Typically, 8 to 12 men attend each session, which opens and ends with prayers. Newcomers are welcome. No advance notice needed. Coffee, donuts and bagels available. Questions? email Joe Dzeda. Or call Joe at (203) 464-2015.
Education - Yound adults bible study group 2012



Each Fall, a Women’s Bible Study takes place on Thursdays 12 – 1PM in the parish hall (undercroft). The Rev. Ellen Tillotson leads the six-week Women’s Bible Study starting in October each year.

Education - Trip to Holy Land May 2014


A traveling form of Bible Study occurred in May of 2014 when Rector Luk de Volder led a group of Trinity parishioners to the Holy Land – with each person carrying a bible to compare the land with the Gospel.  It was a moving experience and and educational one as well

Consult the event schedule or contact lists if you wish to join one of these groups.