December 6, 2015

“A voice crying in the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord.” This traditional advent text resonates strongly with feelings today. We see a lot of wilderness today, hear a lot of crying, and feel the need for a way out.

With mass shootings becoming daily routine – we pray very much for the victims in San Bernardino, CA, with religious terrorism becoming daily routine, with our planet crying for help for eco-health, there are immense cries shouting globally. Cries of pain and desperation, cries of insanity and lost balance.

In this wilderness there is such a need to find a way out. Clearly, there is no denial or nuclear destruction that might erase the issues. But we sense a level of desperation because the issues are volatile, toxic, and often the result of complex factors at play.

If “the voice crying in the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord,” can help us somehow, it is the experience of centuries that the wilderness should not be avoided. Rather, exactly in the wilderness of our humanity is the need to hear
the voice of hope: prepare;
the voice of liberation: there is a way;
the voice of compassion: there is someone for you, the Lord!

Let us prepare the way of the Lord, in whatever wilderness we encounter. For this we pray.

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