Why Pledge?

In the Episcopal Church, parishes are responsible for raising the funds to support the church’s annual operating budget. This is done through a variety of fund-raising activities, donations and “pledges” offered by parishioners.

While it is true that the monies pledged by parishioners of Trinity Episcopal Church are necessary to support our building and mission in the world, this is not the only reason our members offer a pledge. Our stewardship goes beyond taking care of our physical facility and paying our utility bills.

Scripture reminds us that the ideal pledge for any Christian is a tithe (10%) of your annual income. Every year, we encourage all our members to take an intentional look at the percentage of income they are actually giving, or are able to give, to the church. When pledging, the important thing is not the amount that you give, but that you prayerfully determine the amount you can give to God and that you are able to follow through with your gift

You can become a pledging member of Trinity at any time by simply filling out a pledge card and returning it in the offertory plate on Sunday or mailing it to the Parish office

“Pledging feels like being part of a continuous circle. I am aware that generations of people have taken care of this beautiful, historic building and its missions and financial well-being. When I pledge, I am doing my part in continuing this legacy and doing my part in taking care of Trinity for the generations who will come after us.” – Parishioner testimonial