We Are In This Together

January 31, 2016

A German forester’s book is one of the best selling books of 2015. The title itself is vivid: “The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate – Discoveries From a Secret World.” For the author Peter Wohlleben, the trees are connected through a “Wood Wide Web.” While providing scientific evidence for the communication system trees use, how they care for each other, even warn each other,  Wohlleben’s book has become a poignant call to take nature and forests much more seriously. Our ecological context is not a marginal decoration to our busy lives. In fact, trees would be very active on Facebook if we could connect their electronic signals with the internet.

With this miracle of the tree communication in mind, I find our church location on the Green once more evocative. Both the church building and the Green itself call to mind a communication level we tend to overlook. In the silence of the trees or among the quiet of our church’s pillars, there is more communication happening than science can sometimes account for. In faith that message has been strong all along: there is more connection, communication, and care surrounding us than we realize.

At the eve of our Annual General Meeting, I would like to thank our Trinity community for so much connection, communication, and care, most of which goes unnoticed to the public eye, never makes it to a Facebook post. But it is there, through God’s grace, and it takes root, and makes us all stronger. And wherever our community’s context is still in need of more care and connection, I pray God to make us more like trees, to deepen our bond and buttress our intertwining roots. Because like trees, we are in this together.

May the Holy Trinity bless our community.

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