Volunteers Needed

September 5, 2014

We are in need of new volunteers. As church community we are a volunteer organization and without the help of your generosity in time and talent, we could never accomplish all we do today. Your volunteering makes all the difference, every day of the week.

Every year we also need new volunteers. Our Altar Guild, for example, needs extra helpers (please contact Jan Tredwell if you are interested). We always welcome new lectors (contact Laura Davis) or new acolytes (see below or contact Cris Sigovitch).

An important vacancy coming up is our church treasurer’s position. The treasurer job is obviously an important position in our church. If you have some CPA background and are interested to help (3 year term), please contact our treasurer Al Atherton. New Sunday School teachers are needed as well. If you love teaching and like to join our Sunday school team please contact Linda Sheehan.

Volunteer work is an opportunity to discern our calling in life and a way to find our own style of service in this world. I hope that all of us feel invited to jump in and join our mission wherever you feel called to help. Thanks to all who support us so much and so often.