Val Sigsted Forum October 23

DO YOU KNOW which of Trinity’s amazing collection of stained-glass windows is the newest?  If you answered, “the one in our Upper Room,” you’re right!  For the past fourteen years it has been backlighted so that its beauty can be seen from the New Haven Green.

On Sunday, October 23rd, the creator of that window will return to Trinity to address the Forum between the 9:00 and 11:00 services.  Val Sigstedt is making a special trip to Trinity Church to talk about some of the ideas and challenges that went into that project.  We will gather in the Upper Room, and not the Undercroft, to hear his thoughts and reflections.  All are urged to attend this special event to meet the artist who gave Trinity one of its most visible works of art.

Val Sigstedt, will return to Trinity to speak to the Forum about his recollections of designing our most recent window.  Intended as Trinity’s gift to the people of New Haven, this window cannot be seen from within the nave of the church.  Instead, it is backlighted to shine outwards onto the New Haven Green.  Mr. Sigstedt, now in his late ‘80s, considers Trinity’s window one of the highpoints in his long career.