Under Construction!

June 5, 2016

During the celebration of our church’s bicentennial presence on the New Haven Green we will all get some sense of how it felt two hundred years ago to have our church building be under construction. As in 1816, we also will be impatient to have the construction phase be over and done as soon as possible. The front step make-over has been an amazing team effort, from grant application, over contractor and stone selection, to city approval. Every step of the way has required thorough research, tenacious patience, and alert professionalism to ensure the pieces and stones would fall into place.

With the New Haven Register reporting on the eight New Haven Episcopal parishes, we all get the sense that not only church buildings but the whole church community is in reconstruction in some way. As in 1816 something new needs to happen. We don’t know exactly which of the parishes will make it through make-over. As Ed Stannard’s article – thank you Ed! – mentioned, our bishop Ian Douglas is calling us to collaborate: “The parishes and the diocese are really trying to say, OK, people of God in New Haven … How do you want to parse this? How do you want to do this together as the Episcopal Church?”

As with any construction, this parish collaboration will take thorough research, tenacious patience, and alert professionalism. The last three months all New Haven Episcopal churches have been gathering at the Commons, the church center of our Episcopal Church in Connecticut, in Meriden. Our next meeting is scheduled for this upcoming Tuesday evening. If you would like to join the next meeting you can still register. But for such parish renewal project we will need a high doses of Holy Spirit and tons of prayers to make sure we have open ears and hearts for the guidance of God. Maybe best to have a church picnic to generate this Holy courage to serve God’s church for the future. Part of us is already hoping for it to be over, like any construction. Part of us is ready to start this renewal head-on. May God bless all construction efforts we are going through.

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