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Parish Office

(send all Trinity mail to this address)
950 Chapel Street, 2nd Floor
New Haven, CT 06510-2515
Main Tel: (203) 624-3101
Fax: (203) 624-2412
Email: Administrative Assistant

Church Building

(send all Trinity mail to Parish Office address)
230 Temple Street
New Haven, CT 06510
(corner Church and Temple Streets)
Sexton's office Tel: (203) 865-3930



The Rev. Dr. Luk De Volder
Tel: (203) 624-3101, ext. 222
Email: Rev. Dr. Luk De Volder

Director of Music:
Walden Moore
Tel: (203) 776-2616
Fax: (203) 777-9499
Email: Music

Assistant Rector:
The Rev. Elise Ashley Hanley
Tel: (203) 624-3101 x223
Email: Rev. Elise Ashley Hanley

Music Program Manager:
Rachel Segger
Tel: (203) 776-2616
Email: Rachel Segger

Deacon for Urban Ministry:
The Rev. Kyle Pedersen
Tel: (203) 624-3101
Email: Rev. Kyle Pedersen

Senior Organ Scholar:
Janet Yieh
Email: Janet Yieh
Interim Associate Rector:
The Rev. Anne J Broomell,
Tel: (203) 624-3101
Email: Rev. Ann J Broomell

Organ Scholar:
Nicholas Quardokus
Email: Nicholas Quardokus,
Pastoral Associate for the Homeless
The Rev. Dr. Charles C. Lemert
Email: Rev. Dr. Charles C. Lemert

Administrative Assistant:
Glenda McLean
Tel: (203) 624-3101, ext. 225
Email: Administrative Assistant

Minister of Drama (non-stipendiary):
The Rev. Robert Sandine
Tel: (203) 624-3101
Email: Rev. Robert Sandine

Chapel on the Green Coordinator:
Samantha Butler
Tel: (203) 624-3101
Email: Samantha Butler
Holly Tomrose3Seminarian/YDS Intern for Liturgy:
Holly Clark
Tel: (203) 624-3101
Email: Holly Clark
Business Manager:
Linda Becconsall
Tel1: (203) 624-3101 ext. 224
Tel2: (203) 776-2606
Email: Linda Becconsall
Kate McKey2
Seminarian/YDS Intern for Table on the Green:
Kathryn McKey-Dunar
Tel: (203) 624-3101
Email: Kate McKey-Dunar

Volunteer Staff:
Peggy Bekeny
Tel: (203) 624-3101, ext. 226
Email: Peggy Bekeny
Outreach Minister
James Earl Thomas
Tel: (203) 624-3101
Associate for Pastoral Care:
Lilian Revel
Tel: (203) 858 1243
Email: Lilian Revel
Priest Associate:
Karen Malkeri
Tel: (203) 624-3101
Email: Karen Malkeri
Associate for Spiritual Care:
Barbara G. Jarry
Tel: (203) 858 1243
Email: Barbary G. Jarry


Head Sexton:
Sam Sigg
Tel: (203) 865-3930
Email: Sam Sigg

Jeff Perron
Boris Shpitalnik
Donna Szarmach
James Thomas
Tel: (203) 865-3930

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