There Is More between Heaven and Earth than Politics

November 4, 2016

According to a recent poll, a majority of citizens have one strong wish: for the election season to be over. This upcoming Sunday, Trinity’s guest speaker at our forum will help us shift our minds. We will welcome Christine Popp at our 10AM Sunday Forum, member of Trinity and founding alumnae member of our Trinity Girls Choir.

In January 2015, Christine decided to take the path of service when joining the Peace Corps.  The official plan was to serve in Ethiopia as a Health Extension Volunteer for 27 months. But Ethiopian national politics being on the brink of civil war changed those plans. Those months of service have been life-changing and amazing and difficult for Christine. With her blog ( she kept her loved ones updated on where she was, what she did and learned. Now she travels around the country to create awareness and offer in-depth insights about the needs of Ethiopians and East Africans, in a place on earth that puts our needs and wants in perspective.

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