The Spirit of Giving

Giving money is seldom easy. And giving to church doesn’t necessarily feel different. With the money we contribute to church, however, we donate on another level.  We help to strengthen trust, love and service, those intangibles that God instills in us through our service to each other. Given money to such an adventure of faith and hope doesn’t go without the proverbial leap. Depending on how your giving is connected with your faith and your life’s circumstances, your stewardship can take different forms. The poor widow gave all she had and it was two pennies. The rich young man had so many possessions and he simply wasn’t able to share. What counts is not the amount but the spirit of giving.

This year you may be ready to start giving and see how that experience feels like. You can start with a $1 pledge! The truth is that we all comfortably spend small dollar amounts in many areas of our lives: Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, occasional gifts, iPod songs, McDonald’s, Burger King, etc…  A $1 commitment makes it easy to join our stewardship and it helps our church tremendously. You can decide to pledge $1 a year, $1 a week, or $1 a day.

You can also engage in stewardship by sponsoring one of our programs. By contributing to one particular area of our ministries you feel a stronger connection with what we do with, for example, our music program or our outreach activities. It is a way to bring hope in those ministries and build for the future.

Finally, tithing is also an option. Giving a fixed amount of your income is an expression of your faith that comes from the experience of that the intangibles of life are so worth investing in. Through the experience of God’s grace, we sometimes come to the point that God’s work in our lives through our service to each other does indeed need solid founding.

Whatever type of stewardship you choose, there is no better or worse, no higher or lower. There is simply a spirit of giving depending on where you are in your faith and your life’s circumstances. May our annual stewardship season help you join this spirit of giving, realizing how much hope this creates in many people’s lives.

(For more information please check FAQ on Trinity Stewardship)