November 29, 2015

What a year 2015 has been so far, full or surprises and challenges on the international scene and some events on the national level. But through all that happened we have also witnessed some moving blessings in our Trinity community. The amazing spirit of the Holiday Bazaar, the Music for Music campaign with impressive series of concerts and a music committee coordinating amazing recruitment results, the groundswell of care evolving to keep our community welcoming for all and more organized to help people who seek companionship, the Sunday school experience, the care ministries, the beautiful liturgies with our choirs and our Table on the Green, the achievement of building preservation grants, … Our list of touching ministries and events of grace and friendship gives much reason for gratitude.

Thanks be to God from whom all, all blessings coming, but thanks be to you, Trinity friend and member of our community for all you are willing to share to make our parish such a warm and blooming home of faith and friendship.

Happy Thanksgiving and a blessed Advent!

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