Superman Firefighters

August 15, 2014

Some days it feels like the world needs supermen fire fighters to address the issues we face. Internationally the conflict levels (Middle-East, Africa, Eastern Europe) have been high this summer. In our country tensions flared in Ferguson MO after Michael Brown was shot this week. Meanwhile climate change keeps turning our weather upside down.

In those many instances we may think that our reaction would bring little immediate relief. The power of the negative is not simply to damage or undermine buildings, people, relationships; it also affects our faith in our potential.

However, we CAN make a difference in many ways. Through faith we can trace a path where others are throwing in the towel. To cite some examples: International and local conflicts could benefit from the promotion of non-violent communication and interactions. The Episcopal Church is active on many fronts, including to support the people in the Holy Land during this difficult time. And with Green Faith many churches are gathering in NYC this September 21 for a climate change march.

Some days may need super-people. Most days may simply need people who are ready to offer a simple prayer and some old-fashion can-do spirit. Those tools of grace may go a longer way than we imagine. I pray that we can strengthen each other in being instruments of peace and channels of grace.



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