Summer’s Horizon

August 28, 2016

As we near the end of the summer we are stunned about how much our kids have grown. Summer seems to have magic growth power. Some say it is because summer is a time with more relational living. More family time, more time with friends, more time together. It is certainly true that the summer memories can be so powerful because we spent more time together.

Arrived at the horizon of summer, it is now time to join each other in prayer for all children and students as they go back to school.

We also pray for the people and families whose summer was tragically interrupted: for the earthquake victims in the Italian regions of Umbria, Lazio, and Marche; for the victims of extreme flash flooding in Louisiana, where tens of thousands of people lost their homes.

And as we are entering in the last stretch of the election season, our Presiding Bishop, Bishop Michael Curry, is encouraging all to consider voting “a Christian obligation.”

We give thanks for the Vacation Bible Study at Trinity this past week. More than 30 kids participated. Julia Johnson, our Sunday School Director, collaborated with some leaders of other Episcopal Churches. Below is a picture report of this blessed week of Cave Quest.

Trinity is ready for our fall season of worship, music, outreach, and more. Please find below also an update about our staff team.

Whatever comes our way, together with Christ we can make a difference.
May God keep us and guide us.

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Vacation Bible School was a Great Success!

Greetings Cave Questers! Vacation Bible School at Trinity was officially a success, with more than 30 children participating! We are very grateful for our Bible School team and all the volunteers that joined the Cave Quest. The undercroft was a true cave and following Jesus became a vivid path of light. Thank you very much! More pictures and information next week!

Vacation Bible School-1 2016Vacation Bible School-2 2016Vacation Bible School-3 2016