Summer Sermon Series

June 25, 2017

When challenges come our way and external resources are not readily available, people wonder about how to gain strength. With today’s cultural changes and prolonged delay of general economic growth, many people are at times puzzled about what next step to take.

Examples of the past can bring inspiration. People like Moses or Mary, catacombs Christians, or the leaders of our country’s 1776 revolution often had to create strengths without many external resources available. This is how people often committed themselves to inner strengths, also called virtues. The most prominent ones have been listed as “cardinal” virtues: prudence, courage, justice, and temperance. These personal qualities create tremendous value on a personal level and for the community and, however desired they may be, they cannot be bought. Besides the cardinal ones, there are also “theological” virtues, inner strengths that are developed through our connection with God: faith, hope and love.

These inner strengths belong to the core of what relationships and communities need, what character building is all about. Needless to say, these virtues deserve some further reflection, which is why our summer sermon series will take some time to reflect on them.

Sunday June 18: Introduction to the virtues
Sunday June 25: Prudence
Sunday July 2: Courage
Sunday July 9: Justice
Sunday July 16: Temperance
Sunday July 23: Faith
Sunday July 30: Hope
Sunday August 6: Love