February 7, 2016

Very different strategies will be on TV this weekend, different from those last Sunday when all cameras were on Iowa. This Sunday, no Trump or caucus discussions, but muscular, visceral strategies of the Super Bowl game.

Whether one is a star politician, a pro in football, a stay at home parent, or a person serving the poor, for all of us it is just part of life that at some moments we need to see the greater picture, step out of the tree view, and see the forest.

Jesus’ Tabor experience that is central in this Sunday readings connects with the need for a tactical reflection at certain points of our lives. Before engaging in his last run to the finish line, Jesus took some time for the wider perspective, the needed overview, time for an outline of the best approach given the context he was facing.

This Sunday’s gospel message may be a needed inspiration for us as well. Maybe we all need that mountain moment to double check, assess, and adjust our goals and approaches, given the dream and mission we hope to implement. I pray that God creates for all of us such a moment of grounding and orienting prayer and reflection.

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