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The Passover – Easter Connection

Passover marks the biblical story of Exodus, of the Jews and their leader, Moses, fleeing slavery in Egypt with the help of divine intervention.
Easter, widely considered the most important day of the Christian calendar,
commemorates the resurrection of Jesus a told in the Gospels of the New Testament.

Both of those stories say to me that God’s love is more powerful than any empire, “Ahern says, whether’ the pharaoh or the Romans. “LOVE WINS”

Both are celebrations of HOPE. Not of dour hope, but of JOYFUL HOPE.

Morrill says the messages of REDEMPTION and DELIVERANCE resound through both holidays: ” These were LIFE CHANGING and DEATH -DEFEATING events.

The paschal candle, which is lit on the night before Easter Sunday, is about needing HOPE in the world, and LIGHT in the midst of darkness. This custom, carried out during the paschal vigil, may remind some of the Jewish custom of lighting candles at night during the Sabbath, Morrill says.

The symbolism is that the candle represents the Light that is Christ.” he says.

May the Passover and Easter blessings of love, hope and light fill our hearts and our world.