Spiritual Practice

Spiritual Practices


The Sound of the Bell

At this season , more than any other we hear the beautiful sound of bells from many places – Salvation Army workers, places of worship, choral groups and stores.
Bells call us to worship and prayer, precede meditation, awaken sleepers, invite to dinner, indicate all sorts of hellos and goodbys, beginnings and endings.
The sound of a bell can be healing and comforting.
Each gong or ringing of the bell emits a sound composed of invisible vibrations.
These move through the air and into our receptive ears.
Love is an energy. Like the sound of a bell,
it carries unseen vibrations. This energy is received, felt in the heart, sensed in the mind. When we send forth love from our hearts, we send forth a resonance that can reach far and wide, like a bell ringing in our heart.


1. Ring a bell. Listen to the resonance
of the bell’s sound. Place your hand
over your heart. Feel the steady rhythm
of the heartbeat.
Your love, like the heartbeat, engages
with the rhythm of indwelling, divine
Intentionally send forth this love to
Someone you know who is suffering.

2. Ring the bell again. Listen to the
vibration of sound going forth from it.
Place your hand over your heart.
Feel the steady heartbeat.
Let the love within you grow fuller,
your intention stronger.
Intentionally send the resonance of
this love into the larger world.