Shooting Our Souls

October 11, 2015

Three campus shootings and a fatal gun incident because of an angry child who had access to his parent’s rifle, all four incidents in just over a week’s time. The trend and sequence doesn’t seem to stop. The pain in our souls is excruciating as well as numbing. The incidents are so numerous that we feel oddly familiar with these shootings and rather powerless in finding an end to them.

Just to verify: the legal disclaimer of Longhorn Firearms is surprisingly short, especially in comparison to many medical disclaimers. For Longhorn for example the “Buyer understands that all firearms are potentially dangerous if handled improperly.” NyQuil’s disclaimer is more frightening than this one.

The Episcopal Church has been quite active on the level of gun (in-)sanity. Our bishop Ian T. Douglas and The Rt. Rev. Eugene Sutton, Maryland, have now co-led an online learning class, produced by The class, which is available since last September, is ideal for individuals or small groups. Register for free here.

As church we certainly need to double our prayers and actions in calling for and end to gun violence.  Please join our prayers and get involved.

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