Sacred Fabric Art

Often overlooked are fabric artworks that support the church services and missions.


Trinity’s four beautiful banners are proudly carried in services, and decorate the church. They celebrate the church school, the beginning of the building of the first Trinity wooden church in 1752, and the Choirs of Men and Girls and Men and Boys.

The needlework on the eighteen  kneelers in front of the communion rail (see slideshow above) mirrors the stained glass elements above. It also mirrors the Trinity three-times-two motif found on the side altar and on the nonagon window above. Knitting, like windows, and architectural proportion in sacred spaces, is all about numbers.

The Yarn Works Ministry makes shawls for those in need, transition, or grief; these warm and beautiful shawls are blessed at a yearly service before being delivered to the recipients. The group also creates many items for the Holiday Bazaar. They also serve who sit and knit.

Art - Prayer shawl image from web