Participate in Properties

August 8, 2013

Trinity Church is an architectural marvel and a historical landmark. Given its beauty and history numerous people visit our church all year long and especially during the summer months. The recent art exhibits of Susan Clinard and Mackenzie Pikaart brought even more people to our building and also helped them notice the attraction of our edifice. Most visitors, however, are oblivious to all the care it takes to keep our building in good shape. Weather conditions, daily use, nocturnal visitors ‘damaging’ our exterior walls, tracing original paint colors and decoration patterns, soliciting quotes, keeping our doors open, etc. But happily we are blessed with an extraordinary team of staff and volunteers who secure the proper care.

Our Properties Committee works very hard, all year long, to keep our building and all its interior mechanics in good shape. Our History Ministry team has been very active to discover additional ways of know how and funding. And both apply excellent care to ensure the management of our national landmark according to proper historical criteria. Our latest stencil project of this summer is the most recent and already prominent example of potential support and restoration we may envision.

This Monday, August 11, we will meet at 5:30PM in our church’s undercroft. All who are interested to learn more about our building management and history ministry are most welcome to join. Even if you are not ready to join one of our teams as volunteer (and we always need new volunteers), you are most welcome to participate in the conversation. As members of Trinity we worship in our church and enjoy its colors, curves, stones, arches, and the sensation of worship it exudes. And we are immensely grateful for our strong team of staff and volunteers who actively and daily care for our historic landmark, including the spectacle of an organ we have.