New Beginnings

August 30, 2015

Excerpt from New Beginnings by Gertrude B. McClain

Although the cares of life are great
And hands are bowed so low  
The storms of life will leave behind  
The wonder of a rainbow.  
The years will never take away  
Our chance to start anew  
It’s only the beginning now
 So dreams can still come true.

It is a beautiful day in New Haven. The trees seem a bit greener and the sky much bluer as people hurry along. The city is bustling with activity! Why? Yale is welcoming the class of 2019 and the coffee shops, restaurants and the Green are filled with more excitedly expectant people than usual. In fact, we have had our fair share of guests touring the sanctuary and checking out the art exhibit! It pays to keep those red doors opened!

Perhaps, this is a metaphor for us and our relationship with Christ – being opened and available for the Spirit to come in, even in the midst of such busyness. Who knows what could happen or where we might be led! I pray that as we all prepare for an exciting fall at Trinity with many opportunities to deepen our faith and relationship with Christ and each other, that we will all have the courage to join God at work in this community in a new way.