The Arts

Slider - Art work summer 2014The Trinity church building is itself a work of art! The parish has included several aspects of the arts over the past few decades, including Trinity Players, founded in 1975; the Trinity Book Group, begun in the 1980s, participation in the African American Read-In since 2003, and poetry and visual art exhibits since 2014. The stenciling project has reclaimed a stenciled border, originally made more than ninety years ago, but subsequently obliterated.

African American Read-In

Every year for the last nine years in the month of February, Trinity on the Green has hosted the African American Read-In.  Participants select books, poems, or speeches authored by African Americans, and read the works aloud after the 9:00 service on Sunday. More

Trinity’s Stained Glass Windows

View a presentation of Trinity’s beautiful stained glass windows, given in 2015-2016 as part of the Sunday Forum Bicentennial series on Trinity’s history. More

Art Exhibits at Trinity

From time to time religiously informed art is exhibited at Trinity Church. This summer, the work of Tom Edwards is exhibited in the church. In 2014, Trinity hosted two art exhibits, the Clinard and Pikaart Art Exhibits. More

Poetry Sunday

In 2014, Trinity inaugurated the first annual Poetry Sunday, with banners displaying selected poetry and readings incorporated into the service. More

Trinity Book Group

Since the early 1980s the Trinity Book Group has met regularly to talk about a wide variety of books. We meet at each other’s homes about once every six weeks, and read and discuss some seven books each year. More

Trinity Players

Three or four times a year, the Trinity Players presents a liturgically integrated chancel Drama or Opera in place of the normal sermon. The work is inspired either by a scriptural passage or adapted from a classic Christian work of drama or literature. More

Sacred Fabric Art

Often overlooked are artworks such as banners, needlework, and shawls, that support the church services and missions. More

Historic Stenciling Project

This unique Historic Stenciling Project has now been completed at Trinity Episcopal Church, New Haven, one of three churches on the New Haven Green, all of which are included in the National Historic Landmark District. More