Money is spiritual

Contrary to popular opinion, money is actually very spiritual. The biblical view on money categorizes it indeed as opposite to God (One can not serve both God and money – Matthew 6:24), but this doesn’t mean that money isn’t spiritual. Money easily has an influence on our spirits. It all depends on how we allow money to affect our spirit. Money can take possession over our thoughts and decisions. Money can serve to make us freer, safer, and smarter. Money can isolate (people only want you for your money) or liberate (people help each other in their needs for food, health, justice, …) Money can impoverish us or enrich us as human being. In any case, whether we choose God or money, money will have an impact on our spiritual disposition in life.

Also, contrary to popular opinion, spiritual places like churches need a lot of money. People tend to consider churches as places where we live by faith, hope, and love, aspects of life that have no direct monetary value. Ergo: churches don’t need money. Many aspects of our church life can indeed do without money. But, as it goes with many aspects of our lives, our spiritual service work also needs a meeting room, some staff to support our ministry, some spiritual leadership. Add some specific ministries that characterize our community (outreach, music, history, arts) and a sanctuary that helps us connect with our spirituality, and we find ourselves with a budget that needs constant stewards, donations, and contributions; people who continue to share their money as service.

Therefore, money and church go together. At church, we hope to keep money operating in a way that serves, enriches our being, bolsters our spiritual strength. Money can serve our spiritual well-being and this is how money is positively spiritual. Include, then, money in your prayer and your discernment and consider with God how much you would like to share of it with our church.