Looking Toward the Empty Tomb

March 27, 2015

This Sunday we joyously begin our journey to Jerusalem, moving soberly to the cross and then expectantly to the empty tomb.  Over the next few days we will remember and celebrate God’s grace, God’s gift and God’s love for all of Creation especially humanity.  Yet, in the midst of all of this we can’t help but confront the tenuous but exciting place of the Church in society and in our own community.  Some people and a great deal of research say we are no longer relevant, and there is little, if anything, we can offer our broken world.   Yet, we continue to show God’s love by feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and giving voice to those who are voiceless.  We continue to be witnesses of God’s love in areas of injustice and oppression.  We continue to share our stories and The Story of God’s love.  We continue to celebrate that God loved us so much that God in Jesus Christ became human, and lived and dwelt with us to demonstrate that love to us.  So we continue to move toward the empty tomb.  We continue to celebrate that He is risen, and so we are restored to unity with God.

This past Lent we heard from many intriguing speakers who reminded us that we still need to be here.  We still need the Church, the gathered community because we need to continue to be a people who gather, who share and exchange our stories and traditions and who show the world how to love.  We need the Church to help us make meaning of life through fellowship and worship with each other and God.  I thank God that we continue to journey together,  finding the tomb empty and realizing that now we must be Christ’s hands and feet and love in our world.  Why not join us on this journey, this Holy Week?