We’re the people to call if you have ANY question or comment about Trinity. You can reach us during business hours Monday through Friday. Each of us is eager to serve you!

Minister of Drama
The Rev. Robert Sandine
Tel: (203) 624-3101
Email: Rev. Robert Sandine

Director of Music:
Walden Moore
Tel: (203) 776-2616
Fax: (203) 777-9499
Email: Walden Moore
Kate McKey2Seminarian/YDS Intern for Table on the Green:
Kathryn McKey-Dunar
Tel: (203) 624-3101
Email: Kate McKey-Dunar
rachel segger smallMusic Program Manager:
Rachel Segger
Tel: (203) 776-2616
Email: Rachel Segger
Holly Tomrose3Seminarian/YDS Intern for Liturgy:
Holly Tornrose
Tel: (203) 624-3101
Email: Holly Tornrose
YiehJSenior Organ Scholar:
Janet Yieh
Tel: (203) 776-2616
Email: Janet Yieh
JohnsonJSeminarian/YDS Intern for Environmental Spirituality/
Church School Director:
Julia Johnson
Tel: (203) 624-3101
Email: Julia Johnson
N Quardokus 1smallFirst-Year Organ Scholar:
Nicholas Quardokus
Tel: (203) 776-2616
Email: Nick Quardokus
Glenda McLeanSmallAdmin. Assistant:
Glenda McLean
Tel: (203) 624-3101, ext. 25
Email: Admin. Assistant
Accompanist: Phyllis Silver
Tel: (203) 776-2616
Email: Phyllis Silver
Business Administrator:
Sherrill Farkas
Tel: (203) 776-2606
Email: Sherrill Farkas
Head Sexton: Sam Sigg
Tel: (203) 865-3930
Email: Sam Sigg
Butler-SamanthaSmall2Chapel on the Green Coordinator:
Samantha Butler
Tel: (203) 624-3101
Email: Samantha Butler
Jeff Perron
Tel: (203) 865-3930
Volunteer Staff-Tuesdays:
Peggy Bekeny
Tel: (203) 624-3101, ext. 26
Email: Peggy Bekeny
Boris Shpitalnik
Tel: (203) 865-3930
Donna Szarmach
Tel: (203) 865-3930
James Earl Thomas
Tel: (203) 865-3930