Lifelong Learning – Fall 2014 and Spring 2015

The image above is taken from one of the two tablets that hung in our 1752-1753 first church, and now hang in the narthex (vestibule). It depicts angels among the clouds in heaven hovering around a book of scripture, while the triangular “glory” of God shines down from heaven onto 10 Commandments and the Apostle’s Creed below.

Education has always been important at Trinity. The parish was founded in 1723 by the renowned Colonial American educator, the Rev. Dr. Samuel Johnson, who founded and was the first president of Columbia University in New York City. We established schools for boys and for girls, and were the first organization in New Haven to included black children in our schools. Our longest serving Rector, Dr. Harry Croswell, founded our first Church Sunday school program soon after arriving in 1815. He also offered a popular series of adult lectures, the first in New Haven, opened a night school for black citizens of the town, and co-founded Trinity College.  The learned college professor, author, and Trinity Rector, the Rev. Dr.  Edwin Harwood, opened a church sponsored school in the middle of the civil war, and hired noted architect Henry Austin to build it on George Street.

As our Rector Luk De Volder wrote in a recent blog post:

“Lifelong learning is at the heart of our church tradition, and including our brain in our faith journey is part of our Anglican Episcopal heritage. In fact, asking questions and wrestling with doubt connects closely with the Biblical tradition of experiencing God’s grace and integrating faith in our daily lives. Thomas doubted, Jacob wrestled, Sara laughed, and Peter sunk into the water when he lost faith.”

“Especially in the face of secularization (the growing gap between faith and culture), it is important to equip each other with strong tools of faith and understanding. Helping each other to steep ourselves in the strength of our faith narrative as well as developing a lasting skill set for believing in God, serving others, and building community, these focal points of content and skill are core marks of our education program at Trinity.”

This Winter’s Programs

Sunday Forums Coming Up

Life Long Learning is part of our Episcopal Church Tradition. Here is an overview of our Sunday Forums (10:10am, parish hall / undercroft) coming up:

Sunday January 18: presentation Vestry nominees
Sunday January 25: Annual General Meeting – no forum
Sunday February 1: African- American Read-In
Sunday February 8: Lemert on Niebuhr – part 1
Sunday February 15: Lemert on Niebuhr – part 2

Lenten Series:

Sunday February 22: Mark Oppenheimer (New York Times, Yale)
Sunday March 1: David Zahl (Mockingbird Ministries)
Sunday March 8: Zack Nyein (Perichoresis)
Sunday March 15:George Black (New Haven Youth Group)
Sunday March 22:Celeste Mergens (Days for Girls)

Confirmation Class – Rediscover Jesus

Homepage - upperroom window dove and chaliceOur annual confirmation class will start in January. All who are ready to rediscover the richness of Jesus’ message, feel welcome to join. Ages 12+. People (age 12-99) who are interested in confirmation are most welcome to join this course as part of the confirmation class. For information please contact the Rector, Luk De Volder.

Classes will take place at Trinity, in the Upper Room, Sunday at 12:30pm-1:30pm, on dates listed below.
The confirmation date will be May 2, 2015. Here are the dates of the classes through April.

Sunday January 18
Sunday February 1
Sunday February 8
Sunday February 15
Sunday February 22
Sunday March 1
Sunday March 8
Sunday March 22
Sunday April 19: 12:30-3pm (extended meeting)
Saturday May 2: Confirmation

Why Confirmation?

Homepage - Spotlight - Confirmation Congradulations cakeMany of us have been baptized as infant or have lost touch with the meaning of our faith over the course of the years. Confirmation is the moment when we confirm ourselves as Christians, reclaim the Christian faith as our own and commit ourselves to the mission of the Christian life. When we celebrate confirmation we specifically ask the Holy Spirit to mark God’s seal on us, so that we can live in the spirit and mindset of God’s Good News for us.
As baptized persons we will make a mature, more informed, and public affirmation of the promises made at our baptism. After making these affirmations the bishop will lay hands on each candidate, mark them with the ointment of God’s Holy Spirit, and pray the prayer of confirmation.

What do I believe in and what are the core ideas of Jesus, even for lifelong church goers these simple questions long for an answer. In seven sessions we will revisit the basics of our faith, Christianity 101.

Children’s Sunday School: Godly Play

Homepage - Spotlight - Godly playOur children’s Sunday School welcomes all children with a Preschool to grade 6 program called Godly Play and a Upper Room Program for children in grades 7 and 8. Linda Sheehan is our Sunday School Director. She is a very experienced teacher and has successfully introduced and developed the Godly Play curriculum in our children’s Sun- day school.

Volunteer teachers are helping Linda every Sunday to ensure a positive learning environment for our children. People interested in joining our teachers team please contact our Sunday School Director.

2014 – 2015 Sunday School Registration: The Sunday School meets every Sunday from 10:10 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. in the undercroft. For more information and to register, contact Linda Sheehan, or call (203) 281-0296.

Bible Study: Biblical Answers to Daily Questions

Homepage - Spotlight - Bible study reading biblesTaking our daily life as the starting point for a Bible study can help us discover how the books of the Bible are bringing answers for us today. Questions from family life, politics, or business, they all have a place in our faith life.

Men’s Bible study meets every Friday in the Upper Room from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. Clergy guided Bible study, led by the Rev. Luk De Volder will start on September 25 – December 12. The church is open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. for silent prayer and meditation. Any problems, please call (203) 464-2015 for admittance. A cordial invitation is extended to all men of Trinity Church.

Women’s Bible study meets weekly at lunch time (noon) on Thursdays. Call the parish office for more information.

Trinity also has two “House Church” which meet on Monday night for food, fellowship, and bible study. Not only men and women, but non-Trinity members attend this service, which reads the gospel passage from the lectionary.  Both of these groups have met since 1991, and provides a supplemental experience to the weekly church services.

Call the parish office for more information.

Trinity Discernment Group

Home page - Spotlight - Pentacost medallian from powerpointMaking decisions can be quite a hurdle, especially when it comes down to life decisions, making transitions, assuming responsibility for others, or answering God’s call.

At Trinity we have a discernment group that in all confidentiality gathers to equip you in your discernment and decision-making process. Thanks to the Rev. Ellen Tillotson’s leadership our discernment group has been growing for several years. For more information please contact Ellen Tillotson.