If You Lose Your Way in the Fog

June 6, 2015

On any given day I read numerous blogs and I thought I would share this one with you as we all go about our lives doing just one more thing in the fog of busyness.  Enjoy.


  • If the worst happens, and the fog gets so thick that you really can’t move an inch, try using these tactics:
  • Tell God, and maybe a human friend, how you feel, and ask them to pry you away from the negative force fields, even though you really want to stay where you are, in isolation.
  • Force yourself to make contact with other people; go to town, walk around the market, make yourself a meal, phone a friend, even though you don’t feel like doing any of these things.
  • Do just one thing that needs doing (perhaps some small practical task), and then enjoy the satisfaction of having done it. Give yourself a pat on the back; then look for the next “one thing.”
  • Make a deliberate effort to reach out to the need of another person, maybe someone with similar difficulties, even though you really don’t want to know about anyone else right now.
  • Pick up a project that really fired your imagination when you were in consolation. Let it refresh you with positive energy, even though you don’t actually want to do anything at all.
  • Stay with the decisions you made, the dreams you dreamed when in consolation, even though you really feel like giving up on life.
  • Remember moments of consolation when God seemed close to you, and reenact them in your mind, even though you are tempted to dismiss them.

– Excerpted from Inner Compass by Margaret Silf
– See more at: http://www.ignatianspirituality.com/10583/if-you-lose-your-way-in-the-fog#sthash.J2YIUQVL.dpuf