Walk-Throughs with Photographs

Architecture - Christmas Eve Trinity lo-resThe picture depicts a Christmas Eve service at Trinity.

For more information on the rich architecture of the church, a number of “walk-through” files have been created containing pictures and text.

Note: Some of the files are large, and may take some time to download.

chancel A Walk through Trinity Church by Joe Dzeda describes the church, its memorials, altars, and windows.
window01 The Renovation of the West Window by Joe Dzeda describes the great window in the chancel.
DSC08275 Trinity’s Secret Spaces by Joe Dzeda describes the bells and their mechanisms, and a panorama of New Haven from the top of the tower.
Arch slider - East Window Trinity First Church 1752-3 Trinity’s History and Vision describes the outward-shining 250th Anniversary East Window.
 November 16, 1961 G Trinity’s Big Dig by Joe Dzeda describes the 1961 construction that dug an undercroft out from under the church.