Happy Thanksgiving

All the volunteers at our church are such a major gift to remember on Thanksgiving. It is truly amazing just how many people give every week and every month of their time, and in such meaningful ways. The Holiday Bazaar last week was such a great experience and one example of how dedicate Trinity’s volunteers are.

Thanking all volunteers at our church with a little thank you note does barely do justice to the powerful meaning of their energy and service for our parish and for the people of the wider New Haven community. Every church needs volunteers, but at Trinity on the Green we are blessed to have a volunteer tradition whereby so many folks wholeheartedly feel like ambassadors of our mission. This level of care, prayer, and support for each other, and for the people we meet along the way, is such a tremendous blessing and a gift.

We give thanks with a grateful heart to the Holy One and to all of you working and helping, on our front steps or behind the scenes in the kitchen, at our church office, or in the sacristy, dealing with the finances or serving homeless people on the Green, …
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families.