Happy Mother’s Day

May 8, 2016

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!

Right before this year’s Mother’s Day Weekend I was blessed to visit my own mother and grandmother, back in Brussels, Belgium. It all came together because my grandmother’s health is rapidly declining. She is 96 and I wanted to see her while she is still with us to express how much she means to me.

After we greeted each other this past week at her nursing home apartment, my grandmother asked right away, Are you still in America? And right after I confirmed she lovingly replied, That is so far away, isn’t that far away, – and teasingly – you couldn’t go farther, could you? In her smile I could see just how much she misses me and how much I am still close to her heart.

What a blessing to experience my grandmother’s love, as I also experienced so beautifully from my own mom these past 3 days. Being with them renewed my awareness of just how many blessings I have received in life, from my mother and grandmother, blessings that have built me up into who I am. I am so grateful I was able to see them and that I was able to see and pray with my grandmother as she prepares herself for the big journey.

I pray that everyone can be blessed in life with loving mothers, mother figures, or motherly presence. Happy Mother’s Day to all moms!
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