Happy Easter!

April 5, 2015

Happy Easter to all! What a blessing to celebrate Easter every year. While the repetition may risk to make the celebration feel monotonous, our daily context of changes and challenges, with all its ups and downs, messiness, faults, and failures, needs this annual memorial of radical hope that God’s love is seeking to infuse in our lives.

The type of infuse that is presented is nothing short of powerful. The Lord, who endured all insults and suffering, suffered excruciatingly, and died, stripped of all dignity, returned. He came back, back again in the complicated realm of our human messiness. Why did He bother to return, return to the place of utter betrayal and rejection? And if He were the Lord of Lord, God of hosts, why didn’t He return with those hosts of well armed angels, as the new NBC show “A.D. the Bible Continues” may suggest in its first episode? He came to assert God’s Love, intimately and radically, healingly and unendingly. Jesus returned to shine the Love of God on the ground zero our human experiences, exactly there where we felt lost, deprived, exhausted from fighting the good fight and feeling defeated.

Right where our winters were dark and long, where our quests brought us to those dead ends, where our sins turned us into a complicated knot, God’s love is seeking to bring radical renewal to bring us the hope of a new start. Before making this into a journey of faith, it might become a comforting experience to simply allow our challenges and difficult changes to be visited by the presence of the risen Lord.

Christ is alive! The Love of God is here. Happy Easter!

With a sincere and heartfelt thank you to the numerous volunteers who made our Holy Week and Easter Day into such an amazing celebration of faith, community, and service. Thank you all so much!

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